Biology Protocols

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SOC Media (1 L)

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SOB/SOC contains twice the Bacto® tryptone of LB and provides protein precursors for rapid repair of cell walls damaged by the generation of competent cells and the electroporation process, and maintains isotonicity to prevent cell death by osmotic rupture. SOC contains glucose for easy energy conversion. SOC media is often used for the groeth stage of transformation protocols.

1.Add the following to 900ml of distilled H2O
20g Bacto Tryptone
5g Bacto Yeast Extract
2ml of 5M NaCl.
2.5ml of 1M KCl.
10ml of 1M MgCl2
10ml of 1M MgSO4
20ml of 1M glucose
2.Adjust to 1L with distilled H2O
3.Sterilize by autoclaving


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