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10 X Blue Native Loading dye

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Blue Native loading buffer can be used to load buffers on non-denaturing gels.  The 10 X Blue Native Loading dye give proteins and complexes a charge based upon their size and is compatible with a variety of native gel systems.



For 1 ml

5% Coomassie G

50 mg

500mM 6-aminocaproic acid

60 mg

100mM Bis-Tris, pH7.0

100 ┬Ál of a 1M stock


Samples are prepared as with other gel loading dyes (i.e. to a final conecentration of 1X) and native gels run as standard. Due to the nature of the loading dye, the gels can be visualised directly without post staining techniques, but are still suitable for Western blotting or 2D electrophoresis.

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