Biology Protocols

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Extraction of DNA from agarose gels using rapid freezing

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1. Carefully cut the agarose gel slice containing your PCR product (or DNA fragment) as finely as possible so as not to take excess agarose.
2. Transfer the slice to a 1.5ml tube and add 50µl of 1x TE buffer.
3. Freeze in liquid N2(or at -80C, >1hr)
4. Spin at max speed for 20mins and transfer the supernatant to a fresh 1.5ml tube.
5. Add a further 50µl of 1x TE buffer to the gel pellet and spin at max speed for 20mins. Pool the supernatants. (This can be repeated two more times for improved yields)
6. Precipitate the pooled supernatants using ethanol precipitation.

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