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BVTech Plasmid - DNA plasmid drawing software

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BioVisualTech Plasmid is a free DNA plasmid drawing software.  Having spent ages trying to draw plasmids and clones for reports and the lab book in art packages, I finally stumbled across this free software that draws the map for you in minutes. 

BVTech Plasmid allows the user to draw single or double stranded plasmid maps, complete with marked restriction sites and genes.  BVTech even provide templates on their site.  All aspect of the map can be modified from colour to font and many drawing objects are available for annotation.  In addition, if a DNA sequence is input, BVTech plasmid will input restriction sites for you.  Once drawn the maps can easily be output as .bmp files for inclusion into documents.

Download BVTech Plasmid here

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